XP Metal Detectors, BECOME THE MASTER!


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It is free, easy to install and can be done in just a few minutes

, the first wireless, multi-frequency metal detector with unique features and performances.

Discover the DEUS innovation The ultimate high performance all-terrain wireless metal detector.

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Discover ORX innovation Hi performance wireless metal detector for locating natural gold and coins.

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Optional XP products:

- Backpack
- Transportation case
- Waterproof kit 5m
- Chargers, Batteries & Spares


Going for gold ?

Gold prospect like never before with these all new innovative Gold pans and classifiers from XP, - Kit includes 1 x XP Batea PLUS accessories. Designed by Gold prospecting eXPerts.

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XP Deus WS6 - Become the master !

XP Deus WS6 - Become the master !

27/09/2022 • r.tesseyre

This short article covers the WS6 master and how to navigate the menu for the first time. The WS6 module, also known to many as “the puck” the WS6 mudule is basically an XP Deus II RC in miniature, it offers most of the RC functions, but they are accessed in a slightly different way due to its size.

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