XP cap

XP Cap

Cotton hat, 5 panels, metal closure with XP logo engraved.

Colour: 4 black panels + the front panel in khaki colour.

Khaki sandwich brim.

XP rubber patch sewed on the front panel in the middle.


Other accessories

DEUS cap (unicolour)

Cotton hat, 6 panels, metal closure with XP logo engraved.

XP Polo
XP Polo

Cotton sport shirt 230 gr, higher quality, available in 6 sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL.

XP Backpack 280

The unique backpack specially designed for metal detectors.

XP Find Pouch
XP Finds Pouch

The perfect accessory to compliment the XP backpack 280, the XP Finds Pouch is a professional belt mounted “must have” item.

Hipmount case
Hipmount case

Your remote always at hand.

Pelicase XP case
Pelicase XP Case

Pelicase is the legend of the all-terrain suitcase, tested for decades in every corner of the globe.

XP Transport Case
XP Transport Case

The perfect accessory for storing and transporting your XP detector.